tastyrainbows (tastyrainbows) wrote in lipsmackers,

Valentine's Day + First Post Special Offer!

Happy Valentines day!

Well, today is also the first time I'm posting in my new lj store as well, so I've decided to put up a special offer. If you buy (order and pay) today or on the 14th, 15th,16th of Feb or , I'll give you the following:

A free random* lipsmacker with no extra postage charge!!!

*Random means random though! It'll be out of whatever lipsmackers are avaliable here with me.

Just leave a comment on my lj if you want to buy any sets or have any questions. Please read 'about tastyrainbows' to be clear about how I sell. Also please note I only reserve things for 3 days before they are back for sale! Once you leave a comment about which smackers you want, I'll help you work out the postage fees. If you're in the U.S. postage will be roughly $5 AUS (approx. $3.50 US).

All lipsmackers are brand new/ never been used and without the packaging that is not really environmentally friendly.

I only take payment in Australian dollars and only through paypal

For more rare, cheap lipsmackers check out my lj @ tastyrainbows
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